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GTB, back in the mid-'70s we had several vehicles that logged 100K miles behind a motorhome. The '70 VW would occasionally start the "herky-jerky" (steering wheel swinging wildly side to side) when being towed. It went to several alignment shops trying to find the "misalignment" to NO satisfaction. Since it only happened a couple times per trip max, it wasn't a big deal, but did require slowing way down as it started before accelerating again (not always easy with the MH/VW combo). One day I was loading folding chairs into the bug for the ride home, ended up with a couple extra bungee straps (the old rubber type), & didn't want to misplace them, so I clipped it on the bottom of the steering wheel to the bottom of the seat.... Yeap! the slight resistance on the steering wheel CURED the jerking & still allowed the wheel to spin.

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