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Kerry and I have 'McGyver Syndrome', we take it as a personal insult if we leave a Jeeper on the highway or trail!
And since I have a pretty large tool box on the trailer we haul Kerry's Jeep on, we have a LOT of spare parts/tools to work with!

Last trip to RedBird, I gave a guy a used spindle and a new bearing.
The spindle was free to me so I didn't charge anything.
The bearing was about $20 with seal, and he used my tools and guidance to get the old bearing out, cleaned up with my shop supplies, greased with my grease, and installed on the 'new' spindle...

In all, I probably had $30 in his Jeep,
Grease, cleaning chemicals, seal, bearing, race and I supplied the tools,
And the know how to tear down, rebuild the right front...

When he said, "Do I owe you anything?"
I said, "How about $20 and we'll call it even."

Now, this wasn't a surprise to him, I said I had bearings but they cost me money...
And the price of the bearing was on the box in black 'Sharpie' marker...

He pried open a wallet that had at least one $100 bill and several $20s, and got out a $20 bill but then made a comment he would have been better off getting robbed!

Now, I spend over an hour, routed through the trailer to find the parts, provided work mats so we didn't have to work on a gravel parking lot,
Hand packed the bearings with MY grease,
Cleaned out and repacked his surviving bearing with MY GREASE AND CLEANER,
Recovered his spindle bearing from old spindle without damaging it and installed it in the new spindle without damaging it,
And reassembled the entire front hub for free...

And since I get a deal on the Timken bearings, the bearing & race was only $20...
(Timken bearings, Spicer U joints... Accept NO SUBSTITUTES!)

Anyway, I'm just venting... I should know by now that no good deed goes unpunished!

Kerry told me I was an idiot for expecting anything else!

So Many Cats, So Few Recipes...

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