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Oil Pressure and Temp Guage on CJ8

So I am slowly trying to fix all the little things on my recently acquired '81 CJ8 Scrambler w/258. On the punch list is a non-functioning temp gauge (or sender) and a similar problem on the oil pressure. I do have a copy of the troubleshooting CJ guages document so I am somewhat familiar with testing procedures. My trouble is before I even get a meter reading.

When I looked at the water temp sensor location (drivers side back/top of block near firewall right?) I find a square block that has two ports, one is closed off with a bolt the other has the following plugged into it

Now I have had a couple of '84 CJs and I was used to seeing a somewhat thin threaded brass/copper looking device with a single connecting post. What is pictured above looks like an oil pressure switch. There are two red wires connected to the sensor via a plug but at the guage side there is the single purple wire as I am accustomed to.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this would be here? Is that a temp sensor? Why two wires, the purple sensor wire with the 90 degree connection bootie is right next to it un connected.

Even more confusing is that when I look at the oil pressure sensor I see a bell shaped unit with a single post on it. Are both these sensors the wrong ones. I get a low ohm reading from the oil pressure sensor (right off the post) of about 24 ohms. This appears to be way out of range.

I will try to post a pic of the engine compartment later on today.

Thanks for any comments on this.

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