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Trail Fixes For Other People...

I carry around several extra parts,
U joints for axles, drive shafts, ect.
Straps for U joints,
Stuff like that.

Something that happens EVERY TIME when we stop to fix someone on the trail on along side the road is they throw a fit about the prices of the parts...

Now you have to remember, Timken for bearings, Spicer for U joints and I'm often supplying all the tools, labor, chemicals/grease, ect. for free,
And I'm getting volume discount pricing and selling the parts for what I have in them...

So why do people ALWAYS make like you are a thief when you tell them how much the parts cost?
(and I ALWAYS tell them in advance of removing parts or installing anything...)

If someone would give me discounted quality parts,
Then Install them for free,
I would jump up and down and spit nickels, offer beer, food and maybe the dog to get my junk fixed on the road or trail...

So Many Cats, So Few Recipes...
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