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[QUOTE=LEVE;1547429]Not to be disagreeable, but then I usually am... I will.

Some Jeep tanks (like a poly) have a "well" molded into the tank. It's in this place the siphon is going to sit. The well keeps a little gas in the siphon area at all times.[quote]

Until this week, I would have agreed with you...
But I've done 3 fuel tanks in the past week, and I have another one going in tomorow or the next day when the proper hardware gets here...

This is the 15 gallon tank for a '76 to '86 CJ,
And as you can plainly see, there is a RAISED PAD, rather than a depression (Well or Sump) for the fuel tank.

Both the fuel filter 'Sock' and the fuel gauge float rest on this raised pad when the fuel sender/siphon is installed properly...

This is the same tank rotated vertically to keep sender and raised area on the same ends...

This makes NO SENSE to me at all since it makes the last 1/8 tank completely inaccessible to the pickup and should in theory make the gauge read incorrectly...


As for the 'Polly' Tanks...

They DO have a slight sump in the middle, right where the filter sock/suction tube and gauge float will land in them.

Look for the wet spot, the 'Sump' is less than an inch depression in the bottom of the tank, and all located to the rear of the tank (Top of this picture)

And again, this is the same tank rotated vertically so it shows the sending unit on the same side as the picture above...

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