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First off, you don't 'NEED' baffles in a jeep fuel tank.
I've been inside three tanks this week, and none of them had a hint of a baffle.

If you 'Want' a baffle, it's nothing more than a divider looking piece welded in with slots or holes near the bottom of the tank to let fuel pass, but not 'Slosh'...

Baffles are easy, get some of the fuel safe foam that is used in fuel cells.
Very porous, easily lets the fuel in and out, but keeps it from "Sloshing'.

The make everything from large blocks you fit in before welding the cell shut, to balls about the size of ping-pong balls you put in after the cell is completed,
And most of the places that sell fuel cells will sell you the baffle material.

I think I got the last chunk I needed from Summit Racing if I remember correctly...

If you plan on running a fuel gauge, make sure you make provision for that gauge arm to swing and not bind up with your baffle material.

Depending on what fuel sender you are using, that can be a REAL pain in the butt!

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