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I agree with the 25 to 40 feet.
And I'm usually the last one back to the boat since I use snorkel for everything BUT actual diving at depth, and I CONSERVE my air by remaining nearly motionless when I'm on the reef or wall or whatever...
(Heck of a sport for an old fat guy!
The guy that does the LEAST gets to stay the longest!)

Besides, like I've told every one the 'Newbies' I've ever dived with,
You don't have an ice cubes chance in he!! of catching the slowest fish on the reef if you chase everything you see!

Just wait about 5 minutes, breathe shallow and REST,
And about all the good picture fish will come back out after all the splashing and commotion.

Under about 60 feet I use a very small, plastic scuba scooter. Works fine for getting to, and from the reef, wall or what ever when your boat 'captain' is a moron and drops you a half mile from the attractions...
Or to fight currents when you are getting back to the boat...

I want a sled for taxiing extra air/nitrox for decompression stops, carrying extra air and for mobility when we are launching from shore going out farther than we would swimming, stuff like that.

Kind of my own version of underwater 'Jet Ski' or personal SURFACE watercraft.
There just isn't anything under $10,000 for 'Sub Surface' personal transportation to and from some of the more popular dive spots...

I would like about a 5 to 10 mile range, enough load bearing capacity to carry at least 5 extra 80 Cu.Ft. cylinders (Besides it's own propulsion 'Fuel'),
And I'd like for it to be 2 man transferable from trailer to water...

Surface travel would be fine with me to and from, but it would have to operate subsurface once at the dive site!
I'm REALLY fond of having a way home when we are drift diving or whatever...
And without a boat operator that isn't an idiot or high on crack to follow you on a drift dive your chances of swimming against the current are about ZIP unless you are part dolphin! (Which I certainly am NOT!)

We talked about having one of these things made to ride on a sled behind a Jet Ski or some sort of 2 man personal watercraft, but then you are stuck trying to get back to the water craft,
And we all know that unattended personal water craft in most dive sites is just like leaving the car running and the doors open on a new Cadillac in South Central...

Anyway, I need a gear hauler, and something to haul my big butt to and from...
Either to and from the boat, or to and from the shore...

Surface PWC is out because what they can't steal they will vandalize or destroy,
But a PERSONAL, SUBMERSIBLE PWC could be left at the bottom or could be ever so slightly positive and drift right along with you as you checked things out...

Anyway, that is my idea...
The market is SMALL,
Mostly me that I know of, so I don't see anything on the commercial market coming anytime soon!

So Many Cats, So Few Recipes...
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