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I've always wanted to make a "Wet Sub" or 'Scuba Sub',
Something to pull us around and carry extra air/mix when we are out doing what we do!

Something larger than a Scuba Scooter, but smaller and more hydro-dynamic than a 'Tourist' or science sub.

To that end, I've been collecting water tight motors and such, but I can't settle on the design...
Something made like a long 'Pole' with hand and foot pegs for a rider on top and extra tanks on the bottom with a lightweight fairing/shield on it for 'Skin',

Or something you set in like the military special operations teams use with batteries and extra tanks...

I like the 'Pole' design since you can use that center part as a tank for compressed gas to run air motors underwater,
But they make a TON of bubbles no matter what gas you use (probably scuba air since it's the most available to a diver)...

Electric motors mean wiring, connections, motor seals, ect. that just LOVE to leak and ruin things!...
BUT, they are a LOT QUIETER and don't raise the commotion that an air motor(s) do/does...

I still have a 1974 Popular Mechanics article where they made a large, but not unmanageable, scuba scooter thing out of marine grade plywood, car batteries and an electric motor...
I'm thinking of updating that a little.
Using fiberglass or aluminum instead of plywood,
Sealed gel cell batteries instead of flooded car batteries,
Or using extra tanks to power air motors...

They DO have a nice sleek design and a good system for waterproofing the switches and stuff, so that part is worked out if I go that route...

Any ideas out there from divers or tinkerers?

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