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back on this subject(AARRRGH!!!!! i'm so sick of this misfire!)
I got a hold of a new vac. gauge.

some background:

1983 258
Timing set around 8*
plugs with 1k miles on them
wires about a year old
fuel press: 3psi(plenty right?)
NO EGR valve

here goes:
At the intake manifold plenum, i get a vacuum reading of 17 in hg @ 800 rpm. The needle stays pretty steady, maybe fluctuating .25-.5 in hg. Is this a reasonable vacuum reading for this engine?
I'm still getting a slight misfire at all RPM.
for example, it at its worst @1100 the engine will shake and shudder, and will not stay steady, fluctuating 25-75rpm. But it doesn't sound as bad as plug wire being unplugged, it just sounds like a cylinder isn't firing as strong as it could.
At higher RPM the miss is still there...

I'm leaning toward leaky intake manifold gasket maybe? it was loose when i bought the rig 7 years ago, i tightened it, but maybe it doesn't seal up the same as in the initial install?( I hear a very, very slight whistling sound for a few seconds somewhere in that area when i shut the engine off after it is warm)
Ive sprayed carb cleaner around there and found no leaks. However, i never sprayed from the bottom up...i'm gonna try that tomorrow.
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