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The big question here is...

Do you have a cheap tools store around you?
Do you have a cheap harmonic balancer puller?

Cheap harmonic balancer pullers work GREAT for pulling yokes off diffs or transfer cases when they are REALLY stuck on there.
(Use it like a steering wheel puller)

Mount it DIAGONALLY across two cap bolts,
Put pressure on it,
And give the yoke a smack with a hammer....
(Refrain from smacking the lead screw in the puller, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do! )

Works great for pulling those pesky rusted on yokes without putting pressure on anything INSIDE the case,
And since you can pick up one of those large, cast pullers from Harbor Freight for about $10, it's a pretty good choice...

I carry one in my trail parts/tools box because I've totaled more than one yoke on the trail, and if there are Two Ears diagonally located left on the yoke, this thing will pull them!

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