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Also, if you get less than 1 volt during cranking at the 'Red' coil connector wire...

Then the problem is obvious...
There IS NO CURRENT from the ignition switch directly to the 'RED' wire during cranking.

The current for 'STARTING' or 'CRANKING' comes from the starter relay on the fender well.

The starter relay will have a 'I' terminal ('I' = Ignition) and that 'I' terminal should be hooked up to the positive side of the coil...

And it should supply a full 12 volts during cranking!


Check to see if you are getting 12 volts from the 'I' terminal on the starter relay during cranking,
and if not, replace the starter relay.

Check to see if there is large resistance between the connector for the starter relay 'I' terminal and the 'Red' wire terminal for the coil...
(Coil connector DISCONNECTED!)

Here is the same diagram for your ignition expressed two ways...

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