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Originally Posted by MyJeeps View Post
To test your module to see if it's still working,
Disconnect the coil connector from the coil,

Hook your test light to the POSITIVE battery terminal.
And probe the 'GREEN' wire terminal while the engine is cranking...

If the light flashes, the module is still working.


i probed the light from pos. battery terminal to green wire terminal lead to coil: the light was on for 'Run" and then was definitely on (seemed to flash) while trying to start.

i believe this means the module is good.

i tested the spark from one of the plug wires yesterday and it seemed fine. Consistent and repeating spark.

The voltage before the coil resister reads @ 12v. The resistance of the resister reads @ 2 ohms. But the voltage after the resister (very hot, but won't do anymore) reads less than 1 volt. This doesn't seem good.

But the sparks are flying, and module is doing its thing. The coil resistance is primary about 3 ohms, secondary @ 9,000 ohms.

Suggestions welcome!
Assistance much appreciated.

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