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Red face Ignition Problem (TeamRush)

Re: Starting problem
Originally Posted by MyJeeps

i used to use this forum all the time (5 years ago) and am trying to get my '79 304 CJ-7 up and running.

i saw your recent post for GhostBS and i thought maybe you could help me out. (i haven't been approved to post yet)

It ran fine 2.5 years ago, we moved it into the mountains and winter, and then just wouldn't start. Have spark, fuel, and compression (probably, will check tmrw). But i think something electrical is preventing starting.

A grounded test light to the positive coil lead glows on "Run", not during "Start". But the engine turns over and wants to start, then nothing when back to run. The external resister gets REALLY hot if left in "Run", and there is almost no voltage (less than 1 V) read on the coil side of that resistor. But enough to light the light, and seems to fire when at "Start"

Anyway, i know it's electrical but need some way to start narrowing down the problem.

Any help is much appreciated.


When you get approved, and you haven't got running yet, throw up a post with my user name in the title so I can post up pics and diagrams....

Since you don't have any power to the ignition coil in 'CRANKING',
That means the wire from the small 'I' terminal on the starter realy to the ignition coil postive terminal isn't delivering any current to the coil during cranking.

You should get a 'BRIGHT' light at the coil positive terminal when cranking.


DO NOT leave the ignition switch in the 'RUN' position for any longer than it takes to do these tests at the coil connector!

Leaving the ignition switch on for extended periods of time will not only heat up the resistor wire and coil,
but it can easily KILL the ignition module!

Always unhook the coil wire connector and do your testing at the connector and not the module,
This will save a lot of heating of the module and coil and resistor wire!


To test your module to see if it's still working,
Disconnect the coil connector from the coil,

Hook your test light to the POSITIVE battery terminal.
And probe the 'GREEN' wire terminal while the engine is cranking...

If the light flashes, the module is still working.
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