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Been pondering the switch to radials myself bro...

Like you:
- My trailer tires are old bias ply, not dry rotted, but worn funny
- Will NOT run regular Load Range "C" auto tires
- Experienced a blown tire a couple years back and could only find a radial ($$$$) replacement in BFE east TN. Of course, 3 days after I return from the trip, a bud gave me another new bias already mounted

I've been told that running a mix of bias & radials is a bad combo, just like on a vehicle. We all know that running radials on the front & bias on the rear should technically never be a problem... however, get into an accident with that towed load and watch the investigators (LEO & insurance) break out the microscope looking to find fault/excuse to deny a claim!

I'm also debating a set of radial "D" range trailer tires. I *think* they can be sourced reasonably from the 2-3 travel trailer places (they use the same weird size & load range) within 5 miles of the house. My trailer is used almost exclusively on 2-4 hour (1 way) jaunts at highway speeds and maybe the radials could eek out another MPG from the towrig?

However, I LOVE the toughness of a bias tire! Both the current trailer tires & Swampers on the Jeep have proven themselves over & over... where *everyone* I know running radials on their trailers has constant issues (brand new radials blowing out after a few 100 miles, cupping, etc)! The local wheelers seem to think it's a manufacturer/brand issue, but LoMod has had problems with the "preferred" brand. I may have read that radial trailer tires are only expected to live (tread wise) for some ridiculously low mile count?

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