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Angry Warped Rotors???

Scout D44s.

Running CJ outers up front with CJ discs and Scout calipers. This is a relatively recent change when I installed high steer, but the same problem has persisted prior to this change (CJ calipers).

Running Suzuki discs with import calipers in the rear.

My front and rear rotors warp about once a year.... it actually probably averages out to slightly more often than that. I'm sick of it.

We are in and out of the water here on very hot days, but when we wheel, we rarely use any brakes and the speeds are low. Over the last three weeks, with very little off roading, the front rotors have warped very badly, to the point that I will need to have them turned/replaced before our annual trip to CO.

This winter I put new rotors and pads on the front. For reference, the Bash was the first time I drove with them for any length of time. And probably less than 1k miles since then.

Here's one thing that I think "could" be causing this. When I installed the DC-1 wheels I had to go to longer wheel studs front and rear. The new front studs don't press into the hub, but they are snug and the disc does not move around. In my time as a Jeep owner I have never re-turned the rotors after installing them on the hub... and I never had problems until about three years ago.

Now, I say that the longer, looser studs and not re-turning the rotor could cause this, but think about all of the front disc applications where the disc is held true by only the wheel and tire assembly. I am religious about torquing my wheels and keeping them in check. I just don't think it adds up.

How about this scenario? Could an out of balance rotating mass cause the discs to warp over a short time? I think my left front 35-12.50 is slightly out of balance, but I have no death wobble or vibration until I hit the brakes at speed. Or could I mostly be feeling the out of balance issue, and the rotors aren't as bad as I'm thinking? I can feel and start to see the out of balance issue at about 65mph plus.

The last time I took the fronts in, the guy turning them just shook his head when he gave them back stating they were BAD but he was able to clean them up.

I'm not as worried about the rears, I almost expect them to warp over time because they are not vented and they are subjected to repeated dunkings on hot days. I just hate the feeling of having the Jeep try to shake apart when I brake. Can't have that driving to and from the trails in CO in two weeks.

For the record, this is not death wobble. It doesn't change or get worse, its just shaking from the warped rotors.

Any ideas or input is appreciated. Let me have it.

Is this the only hammer you've got?
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