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EGR valve disconnected, port leak there. new power valve. definately a 1.08. when you say port at the air horn I am guessing you are talking about the diaphragm that has a passage way from the air horn to the base of the carb that uses manifold vac to assist the choke at idle. It's plugged. Otherwise, the only other port simply creates a passage way for unfiltered air into the throat of the carb, not having anything to do with the metering of air/fuel...besides its cleanliness. Either way, its capped off as well. Now, there is a port that uses manifold vac to pull exhaust air past the choke. It is not in use so it is plugged as well. Maybe that is what you are talking about? And like I said, nothing has changed except for the replacement of a carb. So I am 92.5% sure that it is the "new" carb (or a component of it) that is the problem. Thank you for your input though. I post this issue not as an easy way out to fix the problem, I do know how to trouble shoot. I post because I really don't want to go out and buy another rebuild kit just because I need an acelerator pump, if that is even the problem. So any input is taken into deep consideration. Thanks again

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