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Most of the guys that do street and trail wish they had done OX... or one of the other 'Selectable' lockers.
Most of those guys are 'Serious' about getting around,
(IE: 35" tires or larger and get into places I won't go for fear of dying a horrible, flaming death in a mostly stock CJ!)

I'm a PUD in the little Jeep (CJ-5),
And with the short wheel base, I spent a BUNCH of time trying to get away from the locking and unlocking, knocking, clanking, banging, jerking, barking, ect.
And the 'Full Time' lockers we a friggin' nightmare on sandy streets, rock roads, or snow/ice!

Even wet roads with a V-8 would make your sphincter pucker every time you went around a corner or gave the vehicle gas when the wheels weren't PERFECTLY straight!

I quit driving the CJ's in snow simply because I got tired of the vehicle switching ends UNEXPECTEDLY!

I HATED the regular and 'Lunch Box' lockers,
So this time I went with a Detroit TrueTrac in the back, and I couldn't be happier with that differential!

You can't tell it from a locker on the trail, and it has the best road manners I've ever seen from ANY differential on the street!
Doesn't do the 'One Wheel Wonder Peel', and pulls at least 30% on the wheel with the most traction, so both rears are ALWAYS PULLING if you get 'Slippage'...

I understand there is a TrueTrac for the Dana 30 now.
Not that I would dump that much money in a Dana 30 Differential,
But like I said, I understand there is one made for the D-30 now...

On the 'Dedicated' off roader, I have Air locker in the rear, and OX up front.
When the air locker kicks the bucket
(and they ALL do, I've been through three ARB lockers, and the 4th one is making noises and not wanting to lock unless you rock the vehicle)
I'm going with OX in the rear also...
No sense in not going with what is working and living no matter how much crap you hand it!

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