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Hang taz on the ignore list, and this forum will be SO much better for you!

Anyway, cattle, and some horses, are part of the family 'Farm' here for us,
And the entire area is an agriculture based economy, so if you can't talk 'Farm'... There really isn't any need to open your mouth around here.

We have the usual group of mouth breathing "Deliverance Extras" hanging around,
But we also have a large population of forward looking, extremely intelligent farm owners and mangers.
Since about all farms in the area are independently owned (not corporate owned) these guys can't be dummies and stay in business for very long!

Personally, I spent a lot of time cross breeding livestock when I was younger...
Charolais & white faced Hereford with Semital for really good eating meat, but with longer legs that faired the winter better...

Also raised some 'Beef-a-Lows',
Charolais mixed with Buffalo (north American Bison)...
Got some REALLY good meat that was lower in total fats and saturated fats than regular beef.

Also raised Paint and Quarter Horses.
Actually had a Paint that was a Tennessee Walker at one time!
Don't think that didn't freak people out!

Anyway, I do better with gears and wires than livestock.
I don't have to clean stalls when my cars just sit around doing nothing!

Now, if you want to start talking pigs, turkeys, chickens, ect.
I'm lost!
I had NOTHING to do with them!
I can tell a pig from a dog, and a chicken from a duck, but that's about it!

So Many Cats, So Few Recipes...
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