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Originally Posted by jeep girl View Post
not trying to stir things up worse than they alreay are but I would like to make one correction from a post above... cows (bovines) do NOT have 4 stomachs. They have one stomach with 4 different chambers, rumen, reticulum, omasum, and the abomasum. I did not copy and paste this info. and I realize that I probably spelled the names wrong but I don't claim to be perfect.


AND she gets extra points because she DID spell the four chambers of the cows stomach correctly!
Big thumbs up to the Kentucky girl!

Not that she answered the question why cow poop and horse poop look different when they are eating from the same pasture,
But she's onto the correct answer!

(and our internet- "Know It All" bunch didn't have a clue!)

The 'Cow' has a 4 chambered stomach...
And that gets 'Cattle' classified as a 'Ruminant',
A 'Ruminant is an animal that has more than one stomach, or a multi-chambered stomach.

The chambers are named the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum, and the four chambers mean that cattle will regurgitate the food they eat and re-chew it several times, breaking down the cellulose & fibers, and working in the digestive fluids as they re-chew the food over again.
This is called 'Chewing Cud'...

The process of chewing, digestive soaking, chewing, digesting soaking in a different compartment, (repeat) breaks down the fibrous material more,
And makes more of the fibrous cellulose digestible to them.

'Cows' also consume more water (per weight) than cows do,
Between the more thorough breakdown, processing and digestion of the grasses and materials they eat, combined with the consumption of more water,
Will result in a 'Runny', fairly well broken down waste material...

Where Horses have a SINGLE CHAMBERED stomach, much like Humans have, and the digestive tract of a horse does not break down the fibrous materials, nor do they 'Chew Cud' to break the fibers down more...

Hence the 'Waste' of a horse will contain much more of the solids and fibers of the plants it ingests, which the digestive tract 'Balls Up' during the digestive process...

Giving the distinctive 'Road Apple' shape every country kid has seen a million times!

So Many Cats, So Few Recipes...

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