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None of the rest of the egr stuff is connected, I wouldn't even know what to connect as it's a 89 YJ that had a mess of emission stuff that is all gone now.
I would have no problem replacing the tube but as I said both the ones I have are ruined from trying to unthread the exhaust manifold side. In the pic you can see the straight tube one is mangled but the flex tube one is also shot as the fitting is ovaled from wrenching. :/
Maybe I'll try Napa and see if they have the part but as I said the P.O. had a plug in it and as suggested in previous replies a plug wouldn't exist for a flare fitting so not sure if the threads are shot as well. :/
What I do know is that the dang engine runs like a champ and I don't want to harm it or do anything that would make it run any less ballsy than it is.
As for your heat comment, How is recycling heated air into the system going to make the temp in the combustion chamber lower? Seriously? I'm no scientist, only thing I can think is it's going to dilute the air making it less combustible and in hand less efficient.
Am I totally missing something here?
I have had many engines and this is the first that I can remember where I have seen a direct hard tube that size going to the intake manifold from the exhaust malifold.

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