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I've replaced pitman and input seals without a complete tear down and "knock on wood" I've never had a problem. I remove the gear from the vehicle. I would never try this on the input end without removing the gear.

Remove the retainer snap ring and then very carefully drill a small hole (1/16th) in the metal portion of the seal. Now take a very short/small flat head screw and turn it into the hole. You can now pry up on the flat head of the screw to get the seal to start coming out. I usually have to drill a second hole across from the first and work them one at a time, wiggling the seal out.

CAUTION: You must be very careful to drill through the metal portion of the seal. Do not allow the bit to contact the input/pitman shaft. This could scar the shaft and cause you to have to buy a complete gear.

I bet I've used this method fifteen times. If the input seal is leaking, I would go ahead and do the pitman seals as well. You don't want to tear back into it a week later.

Is this the only hammer you've got?
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