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Originally Posted by GhostBS View Post
I have a 1976 cj5 renegade with a rebuilt 304v8. i replaced just about everything else under the hood when i bought it. it was running fine untill recently it started to lose power when i accelerate. it feels like i trying to pull something thats weighs way more than my jeep can pull. it also sounds like air is escaping...

Originally Posted by GhostBS View Post
now it won't even start... the exhaust is custom, its basically headers and straight pipe... i am not getting any fuel to the carb, i just replaced the fuel pump and filter and its still not getting any... and no my gas tank is not empty...
How can you hear anything going on with the engine with straight pipes blaring? My glasspacks were enough to mask 75% of engine issues!

Sounds like fuel *may* still be the issue. IOW, if you replaced the pump & filter and aren't getting fuel, there could be a pinhole on the fuel supply line somewhere between the pump and the pickup or pickup sock is filthy. Pull the supply line at the pump and use a hose into a gas can (safe distance from any sparks!)... should confirm/deny this theory.

Guessing the "air leak" you hear could be just the carbs venturi noise or a disconnected smog pump?

Originally Posted by GhostBS View Post
got her to start, she still bogs down... i don't really think there is an air leak now, some hoses were loose and i put them back on all the way. for the heat riser valve do i have to take off my headers?
What did you do to get it to start? Spun it over until the FP primed? Starting fluid until it hit? It could take a while for fuel to make it to the engine once prime is lost!

IMO, skip looking for the heat riser valve, if you do have headers, I've never seen a set plumbed with the valve...

At this point, *if* you're getting fuel to the carb & it's stock (no Holley/4v crap), I'll wager it needs to be torn down & thoroughly CLEANED! This is based many years with a very cold natured MC2100 that would run great today and wouldn't get out of it's own way tomorrow. Luckily, the 2100 is one of the simplest carbs on the planet to mess with. I put mine on the shelf this year in favor of "DIY" TBI... and won't look back!

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