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On the B2 I believe the cause was a pitot tube not having the "Remove Before Flight" tag removed.

As for Fly-by-wire....not all comercial aircraft have started with the A320 and Boeing first put it on the 777.

However, there is a fundemental difference in how Airbus implements fly by wire vs Boeing....Airbus wants the computer to do all the thinking for the pilot...pilot says..."I would like to go that direction" says "Ok, I'll make it so...provided it fits within my programming." But with Boeing, the "I want to go there" is treated as "Sure thing boss...what ever you say."....with a few bells and whistles thrown in.....

You have to understand that the primary purpose of fly by wire is not to take the work away from the pilot but rather reduce weight and inprove performance....electrical wires are a lot lighter and more reliable than control cables....

The Boeing 787 takes it a step central hydraulic system(s). Each actuator is a self contained has power and a control signal going to fact, redundant power generates it's own hyd pressure....hence, if a unit has a hyd leak....only that unit is affected....and those electric wires feeding the actuator are a lot lighter than hyd lines.....

For those of you who really want the scoop on comercial aircraft..Flightblogger is one of the best sources.

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