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Originally Posted by TeamRush View Post
Was it a Renault, Peugeot/CitroŽn or Fiat car she was riding in?
Sound like ANY frog built vehicles are dangerous!

I was reading up on Air Bus safety record two or three years ago after our Airbus caught fire sitting on the tarmac waiting for people to finish loading...

I won't fly Airbus! Give me a 40 year old Boeing, Lockheed, McDonald-Douglas any day over Airbus!

Seems funny that Airbus is a European consortium, but the frog investigation crew flew in on a BOEING!
They showed the crash 'Go' team leaving france and arriving on CNN (Slow news day...)

Also funny the president of france and the royal family of England have BOEING aircraft and not Airbus!
Pretty telling in my book!
as someone whose ancestry includes just about every flavor of anglo-saxon, and most of the rest of western europe, plus canada....i take offense to your entire post TR.

btw, ya forgot to slur the know, the founders of Fiat...

jacka$$, the investigation team probably took the first available flight, and wether any machine was built by euros, east bloc, the US, or you can and will fail sometimes. try googling up Boeing aircraft accidents (or, say McDonnell-Douglas, yep ronnie the clown doesn't work for them) shortage of 'em, rest assured

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