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Welcome back! Good to see you again.

I have a leak in my steering box, and have never been happy with it, since it's needed adjustment every 20K miles or so. At the Bash I talked with Aaron (Crazy Eddie) who said that a J2000 box is a bolt-in, as long as you get the right year for the O-ring/flare hose connection. The pitman shaft spline might be different too, but it shouldn't be hard to come up with a matching pitman arm.

A new Coloradoan is Andy (Barrelroll) who has been teaching there, but he's moving to Alaska for the next school year. He may have moved already - haven't seen him on the board for a couple of weeks.

As for that rumbling you feel in second and third, try Beano. If that doesn't do it, Ex-Lax.

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