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Originally Posted by Tim-E View Post
Hey thanks for the foot work Dale...I haven't really gotten along with the search on this forum since the board change hosts a year or two ago...maybe its less annoying than it first was...its prolly just me.

Anyway, it seems that a guy fixed the same problem by buying a new intermittent wiper timer from the dealership for $65...i figured that was my problem, but i though maybe this was a common problem for CJ and someone figured out a cheap fix.
i cant find a part anywhere out there on the interwebs...and the dealer WILL rape me on it, that is, if they can even find one...

If that black timer box only controls the intermittant wipers, I could bypass it and install a separate switch for low speed wipers maybe?
I might give that a go tomorrow.

There used to be a Ford Bronco site that had the parts... Will look for that and let you know.

The 198X CJ's have a two speed wiper motor, the four wire motor.

Sometimes the Dealers are not so bad... Never mind...

Did you notice that the Intermittent box and the switch just plug into the wiper motor harness?? It is as simple as removing the switch and intermittent box then plugging the Jeeps harness into a different wiper switch. So if all else fails... You can have the switch that has been sitting right here next to my keyboard for several years.

Did you try to power the motor with it disconnected from the rest of the wiring?? That would help I think.


Edit for additional info starts here:

Take a look at these links please...

Arizona Classic Bronco - Tech Time Article #1

73-79 Ford Truck & 78-79 Bronco Intermittent Wipers:eBay Motors (item 290319624393 end time May-31-09 16:00:00 PDT)


Excellent Bad Example

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