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If you want to buy a jeep for your son to drive get a Wrangler. This is my personal experience talking here; a CJ is not a good jeep to start off a beginning driver. I don't care how good your son appears to drive with you in the jeep, is doesn’t matter because unless you put a block box (which are available) on it you are not going to know what's happening when you aren't there. A CJ is just far too unstable for any teenager to drive unless you have a desire to visit the morgue.

I tried it with my oldest daughter; even with my many years of CJ experience I bestowed upon her my straight "A" honor student manage to put an 81 CJ5 with a 4 banner on it's side within two weeks of getting her licenses. (Giving a teenager V8 power is not wise either.) I put $5K of work into it out of pocket to fix it back up and not more than a month after she was back on the road she lost control again in an intersection on a rain slickened road; cut a couple of cookies before she slid into a power pole.

I let my oldest son drive the 1978 CJ5, AMC V8, lockers, I have today on a gravel road. We went around every corner sideways; he scared the [email protected]%# out of me. Well, that’s when I started buying Wranglers for my kids to drive; they all (I have 4 of them) managed to keep the tires on the ground. The frames on the wranglers are wider and the springs are a little flatter making the jeep more stable.

Just my 2 cents.

1978 CJ5, AMC 401, CJ T18, Scout D300, 2 1/2" Lift, Locked Front/Back
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