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I do appreciate all advice. Hear in MO he gets a permit at 15 and then has to log a certain amount of hours driving with an adult. He is just turning 15 and we've been riding 4-wheelers since he was about 8. He does respect a vehicle and knows about their limitations. My 77 J-10 is my current trail-mud bog toy and i have let him drive it a few times. The warmed over 401 and 35" boggers with about 7-8" of lift has been a great teaching tool.
This CJ-7 will only have around 3" of lift and the occasional off roading it will see will never tax the suspension. Of course plans for the CJ will eventually change I imagine and a few years down the road if he is anything like me, I assume he will want to upgrade the axles and jada jada jada in to jeepdom and the eventual jeep type illness we all have.

I've put in a few calls to some specialty tranny shops and have ruled out the AW4 just as suggested based on the gearing and the heat issues and have gotten a good price on a rebuild for the tf999.

I'm letting my son do alot of the work for the experience so I've decided to first rebuild the 4.2 and keep the entire drivetrain stock. My plan is to let him make the decision to improve sometime later and rebuild the 4.0 and then swap it into the cj, or go the v8 route since I have 3 of the AMC v8's sitting around.
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