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Originally Posted by TeamRush View Post
See, the Peanut Gallery chimes in again...

First of all, isn't it *** that resorts to spell check when he doesn't have anything constructive to add?
And thanks for being a jerk!

I'm sure being late and tired has something to do with the misprint,
It's probably that I don't really care much either.

Secondly, the SOFTWARE FRAME for Jelsoft is over-writable.
We got the instructions from Jelsoft when we had a virus that got into the board files,
And once the virus was eliminated, Jelsoft support simply had us over-write the install files.

All archived information and files were saved, and the forum software was returned to factory settings.

Since then we have done it several times when things got messed up, and it's worked every time on every version of the Jelsoft product we use...

It's also worked for everyone on the Jelsoft discussion groups I frequent when I need answers...
I ask the Jelsoft geeks on the bbs dedicated to Jelsoft admins...

I don't know if reloading the software will fix any of the problems or not.
For 30 or 40 minutes of time and NO SKILL LEVEL involved, it might be worth a try...

And which 'THIS' were you referring to?
The advertisements running the posts off the page?

The script overloads?

The Board Admin loading the wrong version of animated advertisements?

The scrip problems that crash IE, and slow Mozella based browsers to a crawl?

Which one of those 'Issues' were you referring to as 'THIS'?

You need to be a little more precise when crapping on ideas that might help...
Well ya know Captain... It's your thread but you need a new direction!

A useless attack on me isn't helping and if you check closer... Taz is being much more constructive than you are.

Just dropped in to see what condition your condition was in...

BTW: Still can't post from IE6 but it is different.


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