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The animation in this ad seems to be one of the problems:

I haven’t seen it run in the last few hours. It does not crash IE (not 7 or 8 anyway), it just seems to get locked into a loop and seems to be looking for a file it can’t find. At the bottom of my screen, I see different messages flashing, “waiting for ……….”, “contacting ………”

If I am quick enough, I can click the mouse on the red X stop button in IE, the ad will stop and then everything is fine. If I don’t click on stop quickly enough, the ad causes IE to be so busy it ignores me clicking the stop button. Then I have to hold down the escape key on the keyboard to make it stop.

I have to hit stop, by the clicking the stop button with the mouse or holding down the escape key on every new page the ad is running on.

The other problem is just the default field width setting. The page is too wide to display on a normal width screen.

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