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help with decisions we go.
I just got the 82 CJ7....high hileage 4.2/TF999(in need of rebuild)/D300....
I've got as donor vehicles a 92 XJ with 4.0(high Mileage also)/AW4/np231(or maybe 242) and a 83 FSJ Chief with 360(needs rebuild)/Auto(not remember if its a TF) and the wierd select trac 228-229.

Shoud i just rebuild the TF999 and eventually the 4.2 for the CJ?(maybe rebuild the 4.0 and put in front of the TF999) Maybe just swap in the AW4 which for that year should have stand alone TCM and then mate it to the D300 with one of the clocking rings or just shave 7/8 off the tail shaft. Or maybe not mess with the AW4 due to heat issues....the length of the AW4 is 25 3/8 but not sure on the length of the TF999 so not sure if that is going to be an issue.

This is going to be my sons first ride so not gonna see hard core wheeling...some mud and trails and mostly running back and forth to school.

Shoud I even consider the AMC V8 setup...would have to do the $500 adapter for the D300 and then deal with short rear driveshaft.

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