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Originally Posted by myscrambler1 View Post
Thanks for the info. The buzzing is not coming from the radio and or speakers. It is coming from the cd box. Yes i did run all the wires together and i did not hear the buzzing when i had it on the fender and just hooked up temp for testing, so i will take the wires apart and try to get them as far apart as i can. What do you suggest i use to try to insulate them. again thanks
I would use a proper, insulated and shielded low voltage wire set...

Something like this, from the people that mastered CDI modules...

MSD Ignition 8862 - MSD Replacement Cables


Keeping your trigger pair next to metal will help...
Run them next to the engine block for as long as you can on the way to the module,
The keep the trigger pair next to sheet metal when you can.

Do like Wilhelm said,
If you MUST cross paths with higher voltage or switching wires,
Do it at a 90 angle when you can.

NEVER run the low voltage, switching pair with high current, pulsing or switching wires!
Keep them away from speaker wires, amplifier wires, the ignition coil wires, heater motor wires, ect.

I usually run mine in a piece of 'Grounded' metal tubing when I have to get close to high voltage or heavy current switching wires...

If that doesn't solve your 'buzzing', use LARGER wires to feed the module (at LEAST 10 Ga. wire)
Run the heavy feed wires DIRECTLY TO THE BATTERY!
No 'Chassis Ground', make sure BOTH wires run back to the battery or starter solenoid.

And use a Capacitor,

MSD Ignition 8830 - MSD Noise Filters

This will stop and patch up a LOAD of problems with installs I can't foresee here...


Another bit of advice,
Ask questions before you shell out for Mallory/Accel again...
There are MUCH better brands on the market, and it DOES take someone with intimate knowledge to know the difference!

MSD is brand that can be trusted no matter what...
All their products are good quality, running to EXCELLENT quality.
Their distributor caps, coils, and modules simply can't be beat,
And virtually all the CDI modules on the market right now are knock-off's or direct clones of MSD modules.

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