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Originally Posted by Jim_Lou View Post
You're missing something in the picture I posted. The cover does come up to the bottom of the cap or cap adapter. The cap is sealed to it and to the distributor housing with a little silicone grease or duck putty.

IIRC I sealed the vacuum advance and the cover to the distributor housing with silicone caulk since they only need to come off to change the vacuum advance.
That makes sense now!
Having as much of the trigger advance sweep area sealed up makes REAL sense.
I usually grease up the arm, then use weather strip adhesive once the cap adapter is seated, and move the arm back and forth to clearance the weather strip adhesive... (vacuum advance removed)

Then put the vacuum advance back on.

Does about the same thing, seals up as much of the advance slot as you can without interfering with the operation of the vacuum advance, or the trigger arm sweep.

Ever think of manufacturing that little cover on a CNC machine?

I don't worry about the external parts, there really isn't any point to it except to keep things a little cleaner, or make them easier to clean!

I never cared about 'Looks' on my Jeeps...
These aren't show cars, so rattle can paint and rust are OK with me as long as the engine stays running and the wheels stay turning!

I WOULD take better care of mine if I had that Stainless Steel body you have!
That thing is the only really COOL Jeep I know of!
the rest of them are just paint and chrome (smoke & mirrors!)...

The way it is, I really don't care if the rust gets bent up or scraped off, as long as I don't bend the axles or frame, I'm good to go!
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