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I will only add this - just because it seems the price is higher than what you paid to buy the part and do it yourself previously, doesn't necessarily mean a raping is underway.

If you've ever been on the other side of the counter, you'd understand.

We're currently undertaking our first experience with retail automotive business, and believe me, it can take 100% mark-up just to cover the overhead. If you don't have a tech immed meet the customer, then your customer service sucks. So you are often paying guys to stand around waiting for the next car to drive up. Want new equipment so you can perform a wider variety of quality work faster? Bucks. Want to have enough inventory of parts on hand to immed deal with the most common jobs? Bucks. Want to make your customers comfortable in the lobby? Bucks. Want to make your employees comfortable, clean and presentable? Bucks. Never mind actually taking a paycheck home yourself! (Haven't seen the luxury of that yet...)

So price isn't necessarily my first indicator for shady dealings anymore - no way a full-service shop can compare to Schucks, PartsZone, Walmart or Costco. But I think RRich's example of $800 vs $1,800, diagnosed while hidden behind the shop, is shady.

We have definitely heard some horror stories though from mechanics that pass through our shop, about other places they've worked. How do some people sleep at night?

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