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no where near as bad a raping, I was getting ready to leave on a road trip, and heard a squeeling from my ZJ. No real time or tools with me (starting from a point other than home) I ran into the local Goodyear service center that my Aunt recommended.

I figured it was either Compressor bearings (AC hadn't worked in months anyway) or Idler.

They diagnosed it as Idler, fair enough. and recomended a new belt as well. RToad trip , just me and my 4 y/o girl, ya, go ahead and replace the belt, and do both pulleys while you're at it. and throw the old belt in the back seat for me.

Got the quote while I was waiting... HOLD ON!!! I know for a fact the Idlers are $25 a pop. I've bought and replaced them on other Jeeps before. They were charging $50 each. I told the manager, " I don't mind you guys marking up the parts price a little, but 100% mark up? c'mon!! He just said, ok, and gave them to me at his cost.

Lesson: Pay attention folks!

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