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Stir the pot huh...

Actually Aaron I was trying to defend your position in this case... IE6 still gets into an endless loop of ad loading as you move from page to page, it's not possible to post.

This has been posted with FireFox, no add ons.

I also run a couple of web sites. There has to be a balance of components to provide realistic performance. Doesn't matter if it is loading ads or just flash pictures on the pages. There is a limit to what the end user will tolerate.

No intention to offend the folks that run this site. But you have some work to do. When you make changes test with several different browsers on different computers. If you can from different connectivity.

Now back to the stir the pot comment. Taz is Taz, I am what I am. Sometimes we agree, often we don't. The fact that neither Taz or I agree with you in most cases... Live with it, hide that attitude and try to have an open mind about life in general.


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