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Originally Posted by thorjeep View Post
Didn't mean to stir the pot really TR. I hoped you would help, though put it in a tongue in cheek way. It seems like you had the solution.

That's ok, no big deal.
The 'Solution' would be to get someone that was willing to read the actual instructions for the software,

Have that guy select the correct versions of the advertisements so they ran correctly,

Get rid of the constant feed streams
And limit scripting.

Worked for practically everyone else with an internet forum running Gelsoft I know of,
No reason it shouldn't work here also....

And turning OFF the abilities of 'Moderators' to modify or tinker with the bbs settings would be a REAL GOOD IDEA if they are having problems internally!

Originally Posted by jeepdanut View Post
I, too am having this site seize my puter; I will see if I can get Firefox on here
Firefox, Flock, Linux are all MUCH better than IE and as an added bonus,
You are impervious to 99.9% of the email viruses that are written mostly for Micro-Crap...

Try this for 'Flock' browser...

Try this for 'FireFox'...
Mozilla Download

Then you will have to download the script blockers listed previously in this thread... (and other threads).

Just a shame we have to have 3, 4 or 5 different browsers just so we can come here and not have the computer lock up or run so slow...

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