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Originally Posted by thorjeep View Post
Wow TR, I for one applaud you for volunteering your knowledge. Hopefully Writeforus will get you in touch with the person in charge of the banner and ad scripts.

Thanks for contributing, it is much appreciated Aaron!
Sarcasm won't do you any good... I don't care enough!

And since when did you become a Dale or Taz just trying to stir the pot...?

First of all,
I STILL haven't been paid for the articles solicited by LEVE for the forum.
Article on alternators submitted, posted, and used, but never paid for...
Instead of paying me, the 'Super Moderator' simply banned me when I started asking for the money promised.

Secondly, If I were to become a 'Admin', you can bet about a half dozen guys here will find themselves on the "Banned, Erased and Burned at the Stake" list...

The last thing I want is to spend my time on the Jelsoft forum trying to track down 'Fixes'...
Especially when the Admin gave Administrator powers to a 'Moderator'...
If any old Tom, Dick or Harry can screw things up on the entire board simply by pushing buttons when they don't know what they do,
Someone needs to review the access granted to the 'Moderators'...

On the boards I'm a moderator on, the moderators don't get access to the Admin codes.... For a REASON!

NOPE, not interested!
I have my hands full doing my own work, and keeping up with a dozen boards, user questions on everything from air suspensions, to guns, to Jeeps...

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