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Everyone can stop thanking me...

I did nothing to make this years Bash happen. A few conversations, one phone call and bought the gift cards for the raffle.

Thank everyone that showed up.

Like I said before.... A small but mighty group. Enjoyed the companionship of all that came, was good to meet Jarrett (jdoggmoney) and Chad. We all had a good time and that's what we came for.

I did not take very many pictures, but here's what I have:

Click on the thumbnail.

I would really appreciate having a copy of everyone's Bash 2009 pictures on OlllllllOCJ's SWB Spring Bash Info Site - Home since there are photo albums from all but the first Bash there. Please help carry on the tradition by joining the web site and posting your pictures. If you have any problems or just don't want to join the site then just send the pictures to me and I'll post them up.

Let me have a very big round of for all the folks that made Bash 2009 a great Bash, everyone that came out to play.

Let's do a Fall Bash this year please... But that can wait for now.


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