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Originally Posted by thorjeep View Post
Thanks Guys, I for one know how hard the job is.

Aaron, it is not hard to use free software to access a free site, these guys are doing the best they can, they are not getting rich, and they are not getting fame either.

Firefox will not hurt you, I promise; IE on the other hand is like licking a brothel floor......

They do need the ads to keep going. However the advertisers may want to do something to make sure their ads are appealing, not annoying (kind of like the used car salesman at 300% volume level, channel gets changed).

IMHO I like this board, the people in it, and am willing to "pay" for it by giving IT and mods respect, and the ads their 15min of "fame".
Thor, I've NEVER used IE for much of anything, and we had this conversation at least two different times I can think of when the IE problem cropped up way back when...

I started with Netscape and now I use the free ware Linux version of browser a lot of the time,
When I'm not using that,
I use Netscape/Firefox.

The only use I have for IE is FTP client transfers and getting bugs in things.

I'm aware that the site is supported by it's ads...
My point was you could shave MUCH of the script down simply by selecting the correct version for board software, of which most of the ads causing the problems are mismatched for the Jelsoft software...
Instead of loading EVERYTHING the advertiser gives you...
Just have someone choose the CORRECT one for the forum software!

Maybe you are forgetting that I have TWO web sites of my own,
And I work for a company that had/has the same software on it's own forums...
Slightly older version, but the same software...
(Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.7.4
Copyright ©2000 - 2009, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.)

Seeing as how I know this much...
I also know that simply reading the instructions for the software,
Or going to the Jelsoft form to get answers fixes most 'Issues' in a matter of hours!

Yes, I know you can have problems,
Yes, I know you can't monitor 24/7,
Yes, I know how trying being a moderator can be since I 'Moderate' on a couple of other forums myself,
Yes, I know that 'Users' can be the problme,
but common 'Users' can't screw up the settings or insert any advertisements in the base page script...

I also know you have several retired guys around here that don't really have anything better to do that to figure out how the software works and keep up with it...

Many of your better people don't come here anymore,
and other of the 'better people' will only come here occasionally because of the problems with the forum,
(And to a lesser extent, the people that hang around here just to argue and cause trouble...)

Like I said, I found the problem when I posted it.
I posted the problem so someone could look at the 'Issues' causing it.
I didn't need an ongoing line of excuses, denials, ect.

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