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Originally Posted by Tucker Terra View Post
Okay, sounds good. thanks. Ill start by getting the dielecrtic grease.

By the way, the jeep is a 74 Cj5 strait 6. It used to have the electronic ignition, but 3 times the box died on me when i was out, and we had to tow it back. well after the third time, I decided to put the old point system in it, becuase you can always get them to run a little, at least to get back home, where as when the box goes, you done running it till you get a new one

but ya, thanks
ANY Moisture in the bottom of the distributor will make the breaker points malfunction.

With an electronic ignition, the 'Magnetic Trigger' is impervious to small amounts of moisture, and will actually function under water,
Where even small amounts of moisture in the bottom with the points will make them malfunction...

If you decide to upgrade to a solidly WORKING electronic ignition (around $150 for a VERY GOOD ignition) let me know and I'll walk you through the steps/parts to make that thing march on it's own!

Jim_Lou is pretty close,
But with the Breaker Points distributor you are using (Delco Remy), some of his suggestions are not going to help you.

Lower distributor problems are pretty much solved with a $50 Reman distributor from a '78 or '79 Jeep CJ with I-6 engine.
This takes the breaker points out of the picture, and lower end moisture problems are solved since there are no longer breaker points to be affected by moisture.

If you go with the Jeep/Motorcraft distributor recommended,
You can upgrade to a taller, wider cap that is up and away from bottom end moisture,
And it creates an air bubble around the rotor and cap terminals that keeps moisture from entering from the outside.

If you spray the inside with WD-40 or Silicone Spray, that will help keep moisture from condensing on the inside from the air already in the cap when it 'Quick Cools'...

If you switch to the Jeep/Motorcraft distributor, and tall/wide cap & rotor,
You can use some MODERN spark plug wires that don't have the socket type terminals.
IT will have 'Spark Plug' terminals on both ends, and they are MUCH easier to seal with just a little dielectric grease.

Stock cap and rotor on LEFT,
Upgrade Cap & Rotor on RIGHT,

I can supply you with wiring diagrams, parts lists, ect to switch your breaker points ignition over to Electronic ignition in no time,
And this time it will be RELIABLE!

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