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And hey, we do actually appreciate the red flags - it IS the only way we know stuff needs fixing.There aren't very many of us here anymore - and none whose job is to watch this board full-time all day every day, monitor every message, make sure nothing is broken. So we need someone to pop there head up and say HEY!

But it's just really wearing to get bitched at pretty much constantly about how bad stuff sucks, when we work our ass off M-F 8-5, then we throw in the volunteer hours weekends and evenings and mornings too.

It's like the parents that like to go to high school sports games and bitch at the coach for what a crappy job he's doing - taking time away from his own family, spending his personal gas and often feeding your kids on his own money...

Sometimes the stuff broken on here is broken by your fellow Board members, intentionally trying to screw us over. Which means they screw you over. Thank them sometime.

And nope, as long as computer servers and internet access bandwidth costs money, the ads that run on here likely won't go away. Unless someone wants to write a check for a mill or so to anoymously sponsor the site, let us know! I'll personally turn off all the ads.

Ah, the good old days, fifteen years ago. When there were no ads on 4x4Web, hosting was free, bandwidth was about $5 per month out of our pocket, everyone volunteered their time, no one wanted to be paid for any story, and we rarely had any complaints about what WAS up - we were all happy we had ANYTHING Off-Road online to look at.

So I'm with ya, and we are trying to pay closer attention because we know it's been ignored in recent months (years?). Surprise - some of us DO actually want this site to be as good as it can.

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