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I was going to pelt this guy, but no sense in it...

It's obvious I'm not the only one having problems,
And I'm downloading the suggested blockers right now...

I hate using 3rd party software since it will eventually get in the way of some future upgrade the actual MAKERS will want to do.

Some things never change, I've been around since '99, and I remember when we lost a LOT of good guys here because you couldn't use IE at all...
(SnowTow, H8Mondys, ect.)

So it's not a recent thing that 'Just Happened' because someone pushed the wrong button...
There are several threads on the subject in the past two or three weeks I've been coming here again...

It's just a shame I have to use third party blockers on what used to be the best CJ/Jeep BBS on the internet

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