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O/T - How shops get a bad reputation

A friend took his Lexus View to a local repair shop. The complaint was his wife was driving it when it started a "squeeling" noise. She turned off the air conditioner and it stopped.
When she got home he turned the AC back on, no noise, blew cold air fine.

Stop ---
(What do you think was the cause?)

He told the shop's manager, manager drove it around back but wouldn't let Ron go with it. A few minutes later the manager drove it back out front, He told Ron the AC had "internally exploded." The entire system had to be replaced!
He wanted $800 deposit and said the entire thing would run $1800 or more!

Ron gave him the $800, then drove it home. It would take a few days for all the parts to arrive. On the way home it worked just like normal, cold air, no squeel.

I looked at it - the idler pulley was wobbling slightly. 110,000 miles on it.

Exploded Internally? Everthing had to be replaced?

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