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Bent center pin on my leaf springs.....

I replaced the degree shims on my 78 CJ5. I had one shim split/crack then start to come out. So I installed new shims, U-bolts and center pins. It's all good and back together so no real issues at the moment.

But I was surprised to see that BOTH center pins were bent. The driver's side pin wasn't really a surprise as that's the side that was spitting out the shim. So I figured the center pin got bent after the shim was being pushed out.

But the passenger's side assembly was just fine. I replaced the shim, center bolt, and U-bolts on this side ONLY because the driver's side was having issues.

So now here's the question:

Are the bent center pins impressive, scary, or pretty typical?

Maybe it was bent after the driver's side shim was being shoved out? Once the shim was out of place, everything else had to compensate for this?

Any thoughts?
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