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Thanks - but ---

I used AVG Free for awhile, then I went ahead and bought it - not from a clone website, but direct from AVG. The paid version does lots more - but still doesn't help. Caution - There are lots of places willing to sell you a free copy of AVG - scams!

I was using Spybot awhile back, the computer kept locking up. Once I deleted it, it stopped locking up. After a while later this problem started.
WebRoot did similar.

Deleted several programs that I wondered about - no help. (Not many left.)
Defragged twice this week, - no help.
Chkdsk again this morning, - no help.

Reformatted HD a few months ago - was having a "lock up" problem. Re installed XP - good for a few days. It must have been something on a data disk I reloaded.

IF - IF - I could see what is running I can probably delete or disable it. Then once I know what it is/was, maybe even delete it from a data disk.

I thought it was downloading to another computer, but unplugging the router/modem doesn't stop it, unless it's it's just preparing things to download next time the modems on.

Is there a program that can tell what is running? I have a couple, but they may as well be in Chinese - LOL and I don't speak Chinese!

I know a .44 Mag will help - a last resort?

Sometimes re-booting helps for a few minutes, sometimes not.

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