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Originally Posted by Crazy Eddie View Post
I'm glad your friend is doing better.

Wasn't he with you at Redbird the day Tim rolled?

Yes he was there the day Tim rolled, helped to get the jeep upright and down the hill.


Originally Posted by Jim_Lou View Post
Yeah, he was. That's great that he's come around so well. Do we have a wonderful medical system here or what?
No we do not.
He was 'Life Flighted' out of the accident, but two hospitals rejected him before a third finally could confirm his insurance before they would work on him.


Originally Posted by writeforus View Post
Man, he should be sporting a brand new Jeep, courtesy of the chick that hit him! (Maybe under all that mud, it is...) And have one sitting at home waiting for his little boy too, when he's old enough to drive! I'm not a big fan of lawyers or lawsuits, but THIS is what they are for!

Of course you are assuming the person that hit him had anything more than bare minimum insurance and owned anything you could sue for.
She's actually pretty well 'Judgment Proof' since she has nothing and doesn't have an education, she's never going to make anything.

If he hadn't been a union pipe fitter, he'd still be working with state assistance for indigent people.
Her insurance would have run out long ago, only around $25K in liability for state minimum, and that was wasted the first three days or so of hospital care.

I told here to get a judgment for about 70% of everything she ever makes in the future until everything is paid off with interest, even if it's only going to be $50 a week for the rest of her life...

Don't know what he's going to do, but I sure hope he doesn't let this get by without teaching her a lesson about responsibility...

RedBird is ROCKIN' with a BUNCH of new trails,
Some trails have been reorganized and redirected so they are MUCH more challenging,
And the 'Back 40' is now open with trails!
(Across Rail Road Tracks, North of the power lines where there didn't used to be any trails...
What they called the 'Back 40' is now marked trails)

If you go, expect MUD--
It's May in Indiana, and if you think we aren't going to have mud,...
You've never been to Indiana before!

Some places that were LAKES last year are back to being trails
(Remember, we had 20+ inches of rain in may last year, half a years worth in about two weeks!)
But no flooding this year so more of the trails are passable without a 50 ton winch and 10 snatch blocks!

Getting ready to do the Ohio River Run next weekend,
I'll take some pictures (If I remember the camera again!) and post some of them up as we abuse and injure ourselves!

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