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That's a nice writeup. Instead of a drill bit, I'd use a 4-flute, center-cutting end mill to remove the plug welds. In a milling machine would be best, but a good, sturdy drill press would do the job too. Just get everything clamped down very tight so it won't try to walk away. The plug welds usually aren't neat and uniform; they tend to be higher in some places than others. That's why the drill bit wanders off, and you have to finish up with the die grinder. The end mill will cut straight down where you put it.

Dry ice should be easy to come by, and won't hurt a thing, except your fingers if you touch it. When I put the C's on I didn't have any problem. I used a flap disk to polish the tube slick, added a very light oil film, and whacked them on with a two-pounder. I wouldn't think that the tubes are a tighter fit in the housing than in the C's. But dry ice certainly won't hurt a thing and should make it easy to assemble.

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