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custom axle...HP44


So I plan on doing this...

BC4x4.COM four wheel drive, 4x4, offroad and fourwheeling site.

Swapping tubes from a 10 bolt to a HP44...

I am set on this so...

"I didn’t let his words of discouragement stop me and I to went down the road to re-tubing a reverse rotation Dana 44 to get a passenger side differential."

First step...drill out the pulg welds...

Any tips/suggestions (other than get a good set of drill bits)?

I can take the drill through the tube right? Just don't like up the holes in the tubes to the holes in the dif housing when putting the tubes back no?

Looking ahead...any sources of dry ice or liquid N2, or would those stress the metal too much...? Any other suggested metal cooling methods?


why yes, yes i am a moron

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