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I ran a Holley 390 CFM on an Offenhauser manifold for a couple of years. I was pretty happy with it. I was using mine as a daily driver at the time. It gave me the power to pass and merge at interstate 70 MPH speeds.

Ive still got the manifold and carb somewhere in the basement. One of these days I may dig it out and put it in the for sale section.

Originally Posted by Jim_Lou View Post
On the other hand 4-barrels were big on the 283 and even 265 C.I. small-blocks when those engines were the hot setup, but they would spin 6,000 RPM and beyond when properly set up - WAY beyond what a 258 should be asked to do. I doubt that mine has ever been past half that speed.
Jim, there are carbs and there are carbs. The 390 CFM seemed to be a pretty good fit for the 258. Those 283s could have been running as big as 650 CFM.

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